Tuesday, 13 March 2012

So remind me ... what day is it?

Sleep deprivation .. I don't cope well with it.  But hey ho, it's that kidding time of year!  So, did you see us on Countryfile?!  Fame at last ... We were really pleased with the piece - plenty of nice shots of the goatie goats.  We were SO lucky with the weather on the day that they came to do the filming and, as you saw, the goats were outside grazing quite a bit.

We managed to set up a portable TV in the barn on Sunday night so that we could watch it while we were feeding babies. 

Really bad picture in black and white with lines going across the screen but we did manage to get the general idea. I have watched it on the i-player since and it's much better in colour!

David and Francesca feeding babies whilst waiting for Countryfile to come on the TV!

And over the past few days we have acquired quite a few more babies.  I think we have around 35 at the moment and are still slightly ahead on the girls.  Daramac is the father of most of these being born at the moment so there are quite a few white ones.  He also seems to be throwing quite large kids which is giving us a few issues with deliveries ... makes the girls' eyes water a bit, poor things.

But all mums and babies are doing well.  Here's a few for you:




And tiny Hugo is just amazing!  He is doing really well and is full of beans - not poorly any more at all.  Just so small, as you can see:

Here are the oldest kids, feeding from their bottles.  In a couple of days, they will be moved onto the automatic feeder: 

So, I muct be getting back to the barn as Millie is looking like she may do something tonight.  I just popped home to get something to eat and a broadband signal!

Night night everyone ..


  1. Am melting looking at all these kiddies!!! So cool to see you all on Countryfile! I knew Footsie was meant for greatness!

  2. Hey Charlotte! Glad you enjoyed the BBC ... Footsie was just brilliant. A natural ...