Our meat

It is a simple fact of farm life that if you breed animals half are boys and half are girls. In many large commercial herds the boys are seen as a hindrance and are promptly despatched. But not at Ellie's Dairy.

We raise, love and spoil the whole herd together. It's more natural.

Because we are so careful in our blood-lines, our boys are in demand as stud males at other herds, but we do not hide that the other boys are raised for meat.  But not before they have had a great life in a proper herd in our fields.  When the time comes we take them in small numbers to a local butcher less than a mile from the farm.  He shares our values and concerns for animal welfare and is very particular that every animal in his care meets a swift and stress-free end.

Customers often ask about where our boys go, and we tell them. We are proud of how we do it. We can think of no better way; give them a natural, happy life then a peaceful end. We raised them; we owe it to them.  Debbie always takes the boys on their final journey - this task is never delegated to anyone else.

We have received occasional criticism from vegetarians.  Our response is simple. Debbie is a committed vegetarian too and our farm is run with a vegetarian conscience.