Tuesday 8 March 2016

And they're off!

Finally, after a couple of false starts, those goatie girls have finally got their act together and started to have their babies.

First out of the blocks this afternoon was Freddie who produced 2 girlies and a little chap:

Virtually at the same time, in another corner, Patty was busy with two more little girlies:

And just as we were finishing milking this evening, our first goatling Bathsheba popped out two more females:

Not to be outdone, the Gracie moos have also been busy.  We have had 3 more calves in the past couple of days - the latest arrival got me out of bed around 4am this morning!

One of our older girls, Persi, is looking suspiciously like she has something on her mind tonight as well.  So, I'm back up there in a few mins to keep an eye on her.  Could be a long night ahead!

Thursday 3 March 2016

Cows 1 - Goats 0

Whilst we all wait anxiously for kidding to begin, Gracie Moo 206 decided that she would start the ball rolling out in the cattle yard.  Late this afternoon as I walked round to check on them, I could heard that low 'mummy moo' which cows reserve for their calves.  Sure enough, as I rounded the corner, I was met by a small wobbly brown thing with enormous eyes.  Another beautiful little Gracie Moo.

Mum is very protective of her new baby and decided that she was a bit camera-shy ..

But after a while she went off to eat whilst little Gracie had a little snooze.  It's hard work being born!

David has been busy mucking out the goat barn and trying to get everything sorted ready for kidding to start.  So, the maternity unit has been installed:

The extra large pen at the end has been nicknamed The Lindo Wing and is intended for larger ladies, triplets or older goats who want a bit more space!

The hay barn has been shut off with huge straw bales,, expertly stacked by David in his tractor.

And there will be an infra red lamp mounted up on that pillar to the right so that babies are cosy and warm if the weather turns nasty (as it always does during kidding!)

So, we are ready to go .. just playing the waiting game now to see who will be first.