Kid Skins

When our beautiful little boys make their final journey to the butcher, we try to use as much of them as we can so that their lives are meaningful and have some purpose.  There are many rules and regulations about 'waste' animal products but we collect and use everything that we are allowed to take away.  We owe it to the boys and, I am pleased to say, our customers are always most appreciative of the lengths we go to!

We collect the skins and send them to a private organic tannery in Wales where they undergo a lengthy process to be treated and dressed.  Several months later, they are returned to us as the most beautiful hides which we then display and sell at our markets.

Customers buy them for all sorts of things but the most popular uses are as throws, rugs, dog blankets, wheelchair seats (natural fabrics are much better to sit on!) or for leatherwork.

Prices range from £70 to £150 (inc VAT) depending on size, texture and markings.  The majority of skins are £75-£95 (inc VAT).

Colours range from pure white to pure black, through various shades of brown and some have a combination of colours or interesting markings.

Average size is 90cm long x 60cm wide but every skin is individual and unique.

Here are a few examples from our range:

The skins do not shed and can be gently hand- or machine-washed in cool water with a non-bleaching detergent.

If you would like more details of the skins we have available, please contact us on  Please bear in mind that stock is limited and some colours sell out much quicker than others!

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