Buy some!

Due to limited supply, we mainly sell our delicious produce direct to customers via our various farmers' markets - you can see the full schedule on the front page of the blog.  However, we also deliver our raw milk to a few selected outlets in Kent and South London.  Delivery is only done to order so please contact us for details of location and delivery days.

But please remember we're a farm not a factory so supplies are not endless.  We can't guarantee that everything we make is available at every market all year round.  And because we are a truly seasonal producer, we often have a reduced selection of cheese during the winter and spring when the goats are getting themselves ready for kidding and not producing as much milk for their humans!

We do not provide a mail order service or send milk by courier.  If you require this service, then we would recommend you contact our lovely friends at Wildcroft Dairy or Flying Goats Dairy,