Our milk

Delicious, creamy and unpasteurised - just the way milk should be.

Ellie's Dairy goat milk is Fresh Raw Milk.  

That means that it has not been subjected to pasteurisation, which is the flash-heating process that destroys both the good and bad bacteria and enzymes naturally present in milk. 

In the past the removal of the bad bacteria was all that mattered but with current high standards of hygiene the focus has shifted. It is now widely thought that pasteurisation denatures milk and drastically reduces its health-giving properties. 
  • The enzymes that help the body assimilate the bodybuilding components such as calcium are killed off
  • Beneficial bacteria that help the body reject allergies are killed off
  • Natural Vitamin C is reduced by about 50% and other vitamins up to 80%
  • The amino acids that make milk proteins usable by the body are damaged
 Fresh raw milk from healthy well-fed animals is a living unprocessed whole food. Produced hygienically it poses no risk and has long been proven to aid many health problems such as eczema, asthma and arthritis.  Goat milk, in particular, is far more easily digested and absorbed than cow's milk and can be enjoyed by many people with lactose intolerance and allergy to cow's milk.

At Ellie's Dairy we strongly believe that maintaining the highest standards in animal husbandry and dairy hygiene is preferable to adopting a procedure that turns milk from a natural product into an inert processed shadow of its former self.

Our consistently high standards mean that our raw milk is always safe to drink and at least twice every month an independent laboratory tests the milk for safety.  

We do not have any fancy automated bottling systems!  Every single bottle of delicious goatie milk is lovingly and painstakingly filled and labelled by hand.