Saturday 12 November 2016

Monkey finds love ..

So life continues apace here at Ellie's Dairy.  Our new young man, Hilton, has been a very busy boy and has had been keeping many of our ladies entertained over the past few weeks.

Young Monkey goat was one of his latest conquests and they enjoyed a romantic dinner for two without anyone else for company ..  Young love!

Tonight he was looking rather worried at the prospect of having to deal with one of the more outspoken members of the herd .. But, fortunately for him, Peaches is still milking well and won't be put in kid this year.

She managed to keep quiet long enough to eat her dinner in the milking parlour, but it didn't last very long ... Just in case you have ever wondered what a goat in season sounds like .... here she is at full throttle!

And note that waggy tail just at the end!

Meanwhile, farmers markets continue to be busy and there was a great moment at Blackheath last weekend when Alex from Cakehole found his space to be already occupied by a car whose driver had clearly not read the signs .. Not to be outdone, he set up his stall carefully around the car ...

We were all so disappointed when the driver did not appear during the market .. Perhaps they did come down but were too embarrassed to come over and say anything!

And finally ... we just had another of our Dairy Hygiene inspections .. Olu, our lovely inspector, is very keen on goats and always enjoys the chance to make some new friends on his visit.  Vivien was quick to come and greet him .. Just in case he might have a little treat for her I suppose!