Thursday, 22 March 2012

And they just keep on coming ....

So, what was the last count?  76??  Can't remember the exact figures but we are somewhere around 90 now I think ... Babies everywhere.  Pens everywhere.  Buckets everywhere.  It's chaos in the barn, but it's a happy chaos .. 

I got a nice blurry action shot of Betty's two babies launching themselves off her yesterday - notice the front one in mid-air!

Milking is starting to take longer now as we have more and more girlies coming through the parlour every day.  There are a lot of new first-timers coming in and they are all doing really well.  A bit of foot-stamping at first but they are pretty well behaved.  I think it really helps that they come into the parlour as a big group (of 12).  Safety in numbers.  The new ones are mixed in with the old ones and so they just follow on behind whoever is in front.

I always feel for the goatlings at this time of year as it's really tough on them.  A couple of weeks ago they were still teenagers with not a care in the world.  Suddenly, they are responsible mothers with new babies (sometimes painful and traumatic) and then they have to come through the parlour for milking.  It's all so strange and noisy and frightening for them but I am very proud that all my new mums are doing very well so far.

I'm a bit behind on the photographic front as we have been just so busy with the new arrivals.  I will try and get some more pics over the next few days ... Especially of Flora goat standing up!!  Yes, she managed to get to her feet unaided several times today.  Amazing what the promise of a nice banana can do ...

So, back off to the barn for the night ... sleep would be good but it depends on what the goaties have in store for me!

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