Tuesday, 20 March 2012

How many babies?????!

So, where did we get to with all these babies??  Just for your info, we have had 14 new arrivals in the past 24 hours and this takes our current total to 76.  Over half way through now!

So far, we haven't had any further traumas and all mums and babies are doing very well.  It's impossible to take pics of everyone, but here is a little selection for your viewing pleasure:


Daughter born to Cerys at 2am this morning


Patty with son and daughter - born 11pm last night

Maternity pens everywhere!


The two goats in the centre of the photo are actually bedded down in an alleyway that is supposed to exist between the main pen and the maternity pens to the right.  I ran out of pens in the wee small hours of this morning and quickly filled the alley full of straw for these two and separated them with a straw bale - seemed to work very well!


Older babies


Expectant fathers

And what of Flora and her tiny foster daughter?  Well, both have come on very well in the past couple of days and Flora is starting to look a lot better.  We moved her out of her pen this morning and after hauling her to her feet, she walked right across the barn and into the hay barn.  We thought that we would give her much more space so that she could walk around if she wanted to.  So far, she has stayed in the same place and not really moved at all!

Tiny foster daughter is doing great.  She has also developed the knack of feeding whilst Flora is lying down so that she doesn't miss out on her meals!

I'm back to the barn shortly to see what this night brings.  Last night saw very little time for sleeping and I have to admit that I'm feeling a bit secondhand at the moment!  It would be nice to have a loooonnnngggg sleep, uninterrupted!!


  1. BleatBleat.. Good morning Ellie.
    WE are very happy to hear that all is going well for your Goaty Gurls with the safe arrival / birthing of those kidly-didlies. What a lot of babies! WE are looking forward to seeing YOU on Saturday @ The Wimbledon Farmer's Market, may WE have 3 x 2 & 2 x 1 = 8 pleeeease. SHE is off to do Severe Pruning Company work on HER Rosemary bushes on Friday and will bring the clippings with HER on Saturday. Best wishes from HER and ME.

    1. Hey GG ... Lots more arrivals since .. been a long and busy week. Look forward to seeing you in Womble-Land. I'll be the one slumped over the cheese stall fast asleep .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

  2. Cerys's daughter is a beauty. Day 144 here............. glad I was never the marrying kind..... hard enough going through this with goats

    1. Yes - isn't she just gorgeous?! Less than a week to go for you then .. good luck! let me know how you get on. And we want pics!! If you email them to me I can post them up on the blog ..