Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More new arrivals and Flora the foster mum

Well, I was right about Millie last night.  Just after midnight we got the most enormous single boy.  Very strong lad - up and about within a few minutes.  Will try and get a pic of him over the next couple of days.  This is Millie's second time at being a mum and so she is quite happy with her new baby.

And some of the older girls are kidding now as well.  We have already seen a pic of Wilma with her two little people.  Her sister, Betty, produced twin boys yesterday afternoon:

Betty and Wilma were our very first two goats all those years ago.  I worked out today that they are now great great grandmothers!  They are 8 years old in May and this may be the last time that they are kidded, but we will see how they get on during the year.

Remember Flora?  Big, fat and not willing to get up off her bottom?? 

Well, she kidded today, a week early.  Sadly, both her kids were dead and she was obviously quite distressed about losing her babies.  We quickly swapped in a foster daughter for her and she immediately took to cleaning her up and feeding her.  This tiny girl is one of triplets, born to first time mum Dusty yesterday afternoon.  Dusty seems a bit overwhelmed by the three babies and doesn't really have enough milk to feed them all.  We had been 'topping up' the smallest girl from another goat's milk but wondered if Flora would be able to 'foster' her.

So far, so good.  Flora has been looking after the new arrival and is happy to feed and look after her. Dusty has not missed her at all and is quite happy looking after her other two daughters.  Flora chortles away to her tiny foster daughter who squeaks back at her.  Flora is not daft though - she knows that the tiny kid is not hers - when we swapped it in, she sniffed at it and gave me a hard stare accompanied by a snort, just to let me know that she realised what was going on!

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