Friday, 30 March 2012

Quick catch up!

Just a very quick catch up for you.  It's very late and I have a stinking cold and am feeling rather subnormal this evening.  Maybe I've got Man Flu.  Good Lord!  Surely nothing so serious ...

Anyhow ... this week has been a little quieter on the kidding front but Francesca and I have been battling with all the existing babies to teach them how to feed from bottles or from the automatic teats.  David and I have had a lot of new milkers through the parlour and, although they are all doing really well, there are a couple who still insist on stamping their little feet.  Don't want those clusters on my udders!  Don't want them!  Won't have them!!  It's a bit of a battle and we end up with bruised hands but eventually they settle down and it's all as though nothing had ever happened.

The latest arrivals have been mostly male and we have almost 100 babies in total now.  More still to come.

Here's a few piccies for you:



  Babies taking it easy

And my lovely Flora basking in the afternoon sunshine.  Notice the crossed legs ... and spot the baby..

Yep - baby is the small brown thing curled up in the red bucket behind Flora.  Comfy eh?!  I am SO proud of Flora - she is doing so well and is really looking after her little foster daughter.  Her leg is coming along great but we will leave her out with the little one for a while yet I think.

Oh yes ... I seem to have thwarted Ginger's attempts at climbing out through the gate by moving one of the feed troughs to a strategic position.  However, she is a very resourceful animal and I am sure that she will find another weak point!

So, back off to the caravan for the night and up early for Balham market.  No rest for the wicked!

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