Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More babies!

Well, we have gained a few more little people over the past couple of days .. Poppin had 2 little girls yesterday morning and Dumdum produced another 2 this morning, so I think we are ahead on the females at the moment!

Poppin's babies are different colours - the result of a brown mum and a white dad:

Whereas Dumdum's are just beautifully splodgy!

Our little tiny man is doing very well.  Francesca decided that he needed a bit of extra warmth this morning and stuck him down her jumper while she was getting his breakfast ready:

He spent a little bit of time with his mum and his brother and sister today as well - they were all very gentle with him and Perdi gave him some loving, just like a mum should.  Here are his brother and sister:

And especially for Richard, who is waiting for British Alpine babies of his own in 3 weeks ... here is Whoopi with her two youngsters:

So, enough of cute baby pics.  Here's a big fat goat:

Poor Flora is struggling a bit at the moment.  She always has trouble moving around during the last few weeks of her pregnancy and this year is no exception.  Those of you who have followed our blog for a while will know that Flora is a large and very lazy goat who is prone to long periods of inactivity under a hayrack! 

I think that perhaps one of her kids is lying awkwardly at the moment as she is having problems with one of her back legs and, although we can just about get her to stand, she will not walk at all.  We have moved her into her own large pen so that she can eat and drink without having to worry about other goats pushing her about.  She seems quite happy and will probably stay there until she has her kids.  Hopefully then she will be able to move around more freely. Poor Flora!

Right then ... I'm back to the farm to feed the tiny man again and check that everyone is settled for the night.  Night night all ...


  1. Spare me any little men! Lovely pics. Do you think the BGS will go for a splodgy breed?

  2. Maybe we could get a separate 'splodgy' section in the Herd Book :-) I have a couple more even more splodgy ones today - they are fab. pics to follow tomorrow hopefully.

  3. Awesome. just like my ones