Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And we're off!! First babies arrive ...

Lara and Bramling wish to announce the birth of their twins about an hour ago!  One male and one female.  Lara decided that it was a bit crowded in the barn and sneaked outside to find a quiet corner to have her babies:

Nice easy start to the season. Lara is a first time mum but she had them with no problem and they were up and feeding within a few minutes.  Just how it should be!

Moyra, on the other hand, is still playing the waiting game.  She has looked increasing uncomfortable for a couple of days and was moved into her own pen yesterday, which she seemed very happy with.  I don't think that she has sat down since and clearly has something on her mind.  Could be a long night ..


  1. Congrats to Lara .... silly question, but will her twins stay white?

  2. Hi Sue

    Not a silly question! Yes, they should do. Father is white - young Bramling. These are his first kids too and so he is a VERY proud dad tonight. White seems to be the dominant colour - if either of the parents is white then the kids are more likely to be white as well. Interestingly - Moyra is white but was mated to Navajo who is brown .. so we will see what she has. Possibly later on tonight ...

  3. Bleat Bleat.. guess who this is? How did you get the answer so quickly?

    Yes, it is I, one of YOUR greatest fans.. Dearest Ellie and all of your Goaty Gurls, I am so happy to hear that all is going well. We, MY mama and I pray that everybody behaves themselves and all Kids come out the right way!

    SHE will be at Parson's Green on Sunday and is looking forward to THAT Cheese, so am I, I LURVE Goaty Cheese.

    Best wishes to YOU all, from SHE and ME, aka GeeGee Parrot.