Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great new foodie blog!

Here's a new blog for all you foodies out there ...  It's written by Rachael who is our wonderful market manager at Parson's Green Farmers Market in Fulham. 

She is absolutely passionate about good food and local produce and has created this blog in the hope of sharing her thoughts and recipes with everyone.  She took some kid meat from me last week along with a very nice recipe for Sri Lankan goat curry - went down a treat apparently and so hopefully that will make it onto the blog pretty soon.  Anyhow - go take a look and enjoy!

Cold enough for everyone now?!  Facing a chilly afternoon in the dairy bottling milk for the freezer, I finally dug out my thermal leggings from the depths of my wardrobe.  The dairy is lovely and cool in the summer but freezing cold in the winter - tiled floor, lots of stainless steel and a large metal tank full of ice and cold milk!  In my next life I am going to do something that involves standing in a warm kitchen cooking over an Aga.  Anyhow that's it - winter is finally here now that the leggings are on!

The goats have automatic water bowls inside the barn but also like to drink from a couple of very large buckets that we fill for them outside the back of the dairy.  A lot of show goat keepers pander to their animals and carry buckets of warm water to their goaties ... although it is a good way to get poorly animals to take water, I think that this picture shows that goats will drink freezing cold water as long as it is clean and fresh.

David was taking advantage of the hard ground today to get some muck spread on the fields.  However, it all went a bit pear-shaped mid afternoon when one of the front tractor tyres got a major puncture.  The tyre went down so quickly that David had to stop in the middle of the lane and blocked it for a while until they could get an emergency replacement tyre on and drive home.  Looks like he has to go tyre shopping tomorrow for a new one ... However expensive the tyres are for your car, they are nothing compared to the cost of a new tractor tyre ... believe me ..

So, I'm off to bed.  Marmite has been warming it up for me already .. Let's see if the weatherman is right and we get some snow overnight ..

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the Menu Section when you get it up and running.
    I have a wonderful recipe to share - tried it on veggie friends in Fuerteventura last month and it went down a treat with veggies/non veggies alike :-)