Monday, 20 February 2012

Bubblewrap and aprons

Well, we are now officially in a drought area ... surprise surprise.  Looks like it's going to be a struggle again this year to make enough hay.  Hey ho.  So, the more that the goats go out and eat grass, the better!!  Saves the hay ...

And here they are enjoying the sunshine today:

Far off down the field in that last photo!

Whilst I was in Ashford today making arrangements for David to have a hire suit fitting ready for the awards dinner next Friday, I made a quick visit to my old workplace to relieve them of some of their bubblewrap.  They have mountains of the stuff taking up space and so are pleased to give me a large bag full every so often - I get through a fair bit of the stuff packing up milk for mail orders and it's nice if you don't have to pay for the packaging!  My polystyrene boxes and ice packs come courtesy of Macknade in Faversham and Franklins in Dulwich  - recycling at its best! 

And on a totally different subject .... when I had a few minutes last week, I was trawling through the 'stats' for this blog.  You can find out lots of information about the location of people who read the blog, which websites they come from, what search terms they use to find you etc etc.  I was intrigued to see that one particular blog from last September had over 5 times as many views as any other entry.  Curious, I started to delve further into it.  It was a blog entitled 'say cheese!' and was mostly about my day making cheese ...  Maybe there are a lot of people interested in cheesemaking, I thought to myself.

And as I continued looking at various bits and pieces, I came across some of the search terms that people had used to find our blog.  Amongst the usual things like 'goat dairy', ' raw milk' and 'milking parlour' was the search term 'rubber apron'.  Mmmm ....  And where did this phrase appear?  Yep, you got it .... In the 'say cheese!' blog ...  So that explains why that posting had so many hits!  Sadly, most of the people who read it will have been very disappointed to see a picture of me in my white wellies and cheesemaking apron!

It's a weird and wonderful world!!

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  1. and they were expecting 'Debbie does Dairies' - small wonder they were disappointed!

    It has been a beautiful sunny day today so hope the goats made the most of it