Monday, 6 February 2012

Eating the avalanche!

Spot the white goat in the following picture:

Nicely camouflaged!  This was Goblin trying to eat her way through the avalanche this morning.  Assisted by Dipsy:

Meanwhile, there were three very fat ladies having a lie in:



and Flora

And they've all got over 4 weeks still to go!

Round in the boys' house, there was also a lot of lying around going on:

Fremlin, Norville, Navajo and Beamish all snuggled up together.  Beamish is the black blob to the left of the picture - lying right under Navajo to keep warm!

The fog lifted this morning to leave a beautiful sunny crisp morning behind.  Most of the goats decided to go for a wander outside into their yard:

David and I tried to coax them into the field but only a brave few would venture just inside the gate.  There was no way they were going to get their little goatie legs cold walking in that deep snow!

And, talking of deep snow ... David took a picture from his tractor cab as he arrived at one of the first roads in the early hours of yesterday morning.  Taken on his phone so not fab quality but hopefully you can get some idea of what faces him when he goes out in the snow:

Imagine you are sitting in the tractor seat and looking out through the front windscreen .. the red bit is the bonnet and at the bottom of the photo, to either side, you can see the tractor wheels.  In front of you is the road .. somewhere.  To the left a hedge.  To the right a fence.  Those fence posts are usually 5ft above the road level. Nice drifts!

The day ended quite prettily as well - this is the view from my back garden as the sun went down tonight:

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