Saturday, 5 November 2011

It's all go!

First of all, let's start with the most important bit ... piccies of female kids in their new house.  Here we go:

Here's Mum!!! 
I tried to sneak in at the back and over the gate but I was spotted! 

Lots of space to skip about and big boxes to jump on

Those hay racks are very popular!

Everyone seems to have settled in very well in the new barn and they all have so much more space to run about.  Despite being so large and open, the barn is actually very sheltered from the weather and David has also put a row of large straw bales along the open side to stop any draught at ground level. so everyone keeps nice and cosy.

The big (smelly) males have now moved back into the front of the hay barn for the winter. It's always good to have them back indoors when the weather starts to turn wet.  Although they have a huge covered area outside at the back of the cattle yard, they tend to spend their time out in the open snorting at all the girls and, as a result, get very muddy and dirty.  Indoors, they can see the girls from a distance and snort at them in comfort!

However, uproar in the male household this afternoon as we took Daramac away from his ladies and moved him over to be with the other boys.  Not happy.  Not happy at all.  You have never heard such a noise!  As he has been a busy boy and has finished with all his ladies, he was due to return to Margate to be with his best friend Gus.  However, poor Gus hurt one of his back legs very badly last week and so Daramac has to stay with us for the moment whilst Gus recovers. 

We have penned him separately right next to the other boys while they all get used to each other.  It is not fair to keep him on his own but, to put him straight in with our other boys would cause a lot of fighting - especially at this time of year when the hormones are raging!  So, everyone has a chance to make friends before we either move him back to Margate or put him in with the other boys.

Larkin, on the other hand, is a very happy boy as he is now penned off with several ladies of his own.  Heaven!

Wye Market was a little damp this morning but didn't stop those hardened shoppers from coming out, despite the fact that our cheese stall was located behind the largest puddle in the market.  I think we either have to supply wellies for bad weather or construct some kind of bridge!

Off to Parson's Green market in London tomorrow.

And, amidst all the frantic activity, you will be pleased to know that Marmite had another busy day as well:


  1. Well done Marmite ..... she is just soooooo good at what she does :-)

    Sounds as though the boys have been busy ... so expect the patter of lots and lots of tiny feet in a few months' time

  2. Yes indeed! Going by my rough dates so far, we are due to start kidding around the first week of March. This is a few weeks later than we usually start but at least it might be a bit warmer for sleeping in the barn!