Thursday, 24 November 2011

Feathered friends

One of the nice things about doing new markets is the opportunity to meet a whole load of new and interesting people.  One of my London markets has introduced me to one such lovely customer - Sara - and her beautiful African Grey Parrot, GeeGee ('pronounced like 'gee' in 'gee whiz' and she DOES whiz about a lot' says Sara).

I thought that as GeeGee also loves goat's cheese (and therefore counts as a customer!) that she should appear on our blog.  And it makes a change from pictures of goats!!

So, here she is - meet GeeGee Parrot (also known as 'She-Who-Flies' and 'Miss Featherface'):

Sara keeps an old souffle dish full of water which makes a perfect ducking dish for GeeGee.  The only problem is that Sara often gets as wet as the parrot!

It would also seem that she is great at helping with preparing dinner.  Whilst Sara is cooking, GeeGee gives a hand with the vegetable peelings - here she is with a bit of parsnip:

Hopefully, we will have more pics of GeeGee in the future ... When Sara was younger she used to live in Kent and had a goat of her own called Victoria - hence her liking for our goat's milk.  Now she lives in the town, she can't have a goat but it looks like GeeGee has plenty of character to keep Sara occupied!

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  1. OMG! Poor GeeGee must be terribly confused about her name... like 'a Man Called Horse' or a Boy named Sue!

    But she looks as though she takes these things in her stride .. bless!