Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Anyone fancy chicken in a basket?

Happy New Year!! Wild, wet and very windy it is too.  And Jane the Cheese lost one of her chicken huts in the bad weather so all the chickens are having to cohabit at the moment.  Dear old Auntie is not impressed with having to share as she is not much of a people person.  So she was standing out in the rain, getting soaked to the skin and looking generally very miserable.  Poor Auntie.

So, she was brought indoors and put in front of Jane's toasty warm Rayburn to dry off:

And then put to bed in the old wicker log basket:

Looks to me like Jane might have trouble getting Auntie back outside again!  Anyone fancy a house-chicken?!

David had to brave the elements on top of the tractor shed roof as one of the panels came loose in the wind.  Fortunately he managed to secure it back down again before we lost the whole roof.

The goaties are all cosy in their barn but they do have a bit of an indoor swimming pool at one end where the heavy rain is lashing in through the main door.  But their house is big enough that they can move away from the weather and stay cosy. 

Even young Husky has decided to stay in the main pen tonight instead of jumping out into the centre of the barn to be on her own.  I think the water was getting a bit too close to her bed for comfort!  Here she is enjoying her hay rack at milking time.

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