Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The passing of tiny Mary

Although we tried everything we could to save her, our tiny little surprise goatie slipped away from us at around 1.30am this morning. 

Unfortunately, despite lots of warm milk and cuddles from Auntie Anita all through yesterday, it had become apparent that tiny Mary was struggling.  Mummy Klaudette was very attentive and caring but sadly it was just not enough.

We did everything we could for her and, in a desperate attempt to keep her warm on a cold night, she was tucked up with a hot water bottle and lots of straw in a cosy box:

But there was obviously something very wrong with our tiny girl and she slipped away peacefully in my arms in the early hours of this morning.
We will never know why - perhaps she was born earlier than she should have been.  After all, noone (apart from Klaudette herself) even knew that she was expected.  Sometimes, things are just not meant to be.

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