Sunday, 19 January 2014

Always expect the unexpected ...

It all seemed like a normal Sunday ... David was left milking and doing goatie business whilst Debbie went off to sell yummy goatie goodness to the good people of Parson's Green.  The weather was chilly but dry and many of the girls took advantage of a sunny afternoon and went for a stroll in their field:

Most of the Mary goats also went out into the field for the first time and, judging by the amount of mud plastered upon udders this evening, they all had a jolly good time!

Evening milking time arrived and there was the usual coaxing to try and get reluctant comfy goats to get up and move to the other side of the barn ready for battle.  Strangely, there were 3 little Mary goats all under a hayrack on the far side and they were particularly stubborn about being moved - usually the Zeila herd all move around together.

And then we discovered the reason why they were not wanting to move:

Can you figure it out? Need a closer look?? Maybe another photo might help ...

Ah yes indeed ... a freshly born kid.  Mmm .. But, I hear you cry - kidding is not due to start until March 6th!  Yes indeed ... 

To say that this came as a surprise is something of an understatement!  This young mum is actually one of Mary's kids - not even a year old herself.  A phone call to Mary revealed that one of her male kids may well have still been in with the female kids at a time when it should not have been a problem.  But clearly, there was some goatie naughtiness happening when Mary was not looking!

Fortunately, Claudette is a very well grown youngster and kidding was not a problem for her.  She cleaned the baby up rather well and is, so far, a very attentive mum.  The little one has had a few mouthfuls of milk but I am just about to go back up to the barn and check that she is fed and warm for the night ahead.

So .. this gorgeous little creature is the first female kid of 2014.  I think she will probably be called Mary ..

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