Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Inside, outside

More wet and windy weather ... but although we are up to our eyeballs in mud, at least we haven't been flooded out.  We have had a little bit of wind damage but nothing too serious (yet!).

The yard and area round the buildings is a sea of mud ..

And just look at that black sky looming on the horizon this morning!

But, as usual, all the goaties are warm and comfy inside their barn. 

Goatlings ..


Milkers ...
Mary's new girls ... and note the naughty kid in the hayrack!
And even the big chaps were all cosy.  Looks like Beamish and Max have become best friends now since Fremlin died. 

 Persi had bagged herself the best spot in a corner so that she could see everyone and not miss anything that might be happening.

And how about this for a cheeky little face?  Young Nibor ..

And winking to avoid being poked in the eye with a bit of hay as JoJo muscles in on the action

We had the usual array of old/dry goats come in for the parlour party this evening.  Maggie, Wilma and Valerie hit the wheelbarrow ..

Whilst Chickweed sneaked round the side and found a bucket ..

And finally .. look at the size of young Humphrey!  David snapped this on his phone this evening as we were sorting out goaties for milking.

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  1. I do feel for you Debbie (and David). But ..... fingers crossed, the wet, stormy weather looks as though it may be on its way out, albeit slowly. It has been pretty horrendous in the South hasn't it?

    Hope the goaties appreciate what wonderful humans they have, waiting on them hand and foot LOL