Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Look who's back!

Some girls are just a glutton for punishment!  Remember our lovely student Jo from Bristol Uni?  She liked the goaties so much that she wanted to come back for a couple of days before returning to Uni this coming weekend.  And here she is, giving one of our younger chaps a nice cuddle this afternoon:

She was surprised at just how bad the big boys smell at this time of year and is looking forward to wearing her (exceedingly) smelly overalls on the train home in the hope of getting a whole carriage to herself!

We spent some time this morning sorting out the dry milkers and putting them into areas with the various males.  So, now all our big chaps each have their own little harem of ladies. 

Max is still outside with about 9 ladies:

Fremlin has 4 of the older girls - Betty, Wilma, Foxglove and Kiki:

And Beamish also has a few of his own, next door to Fremlin:

Initially, there was an awful lot of snorting and running about but everyone soon settled down.  Those lucky boys!

1 comment:

  1. Haha ... well done Jo.

    Smelly horses works wonders in Sainsburys - an aisle/checkout of my own. Hope smelly goat works as well for you on the trains.