Friday, 12 October 2012

Frog on the blog!

Well, a toad to be exact ..

Poor Takira goatling got a bit of surprise today as she wandered round to the back of the milking parlour in the early morning darkness and stuck her nose into the nice fresh water in the large buckets outside.  Overnight, Mr Toad had decided to plop into the bucket.  She was a bit confused by him wriggling about in her drinking water so she snorted at him and walked off in disgust.  Poor Mr Toad!

I quickly relocated him back out into the field before the rest of the marauding hordes appeared around the side of the barn.

And talking of fields ... it looks like that newly sown grass seed is just about starting to come through now ... David was getting a bit concerned that it may have failed ... But, fingers crossed, we will get some grass soon!

Despite the sunshine today, we are still up to our armpits in mud around the yard .. I do hate this time of year!  Much better to have sunny and freezing cold - at least the ground is hard and everything stays clean!

Managed to bag a couple of pics tonight of our odd little goatie, Fissi.  She and her brother both have strange back legs - we think, as the result of their mum being ill last year in the early stages of pregnancy.  She is much smaller than the rest of the kids but thinks that she is the same size as everyone else.  Totally confident, she just dives in with the rest of the kids - she has no fear and doesn't seem to care that she is half their size!  A real sweetie.

Of course, we don't yet know whether she will eventuallly grow to be a 'normal' size goat or whether she will stay as a little 'mini goat' for the rest of her life.  As long as she is happy and healthy, then she has a place in the herd.

So, off to bed for me now.  Marmite is warming it up for me already!  Early morning tomorrow and off to Balham Farmers' Market nice and early!

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