Saturday, 6 October 2012

Busy boys ...

The barn seems to have divided itself into two sections at the moment.  The main side nearest to the milking parlour attracts most of the girls who just enjoy nibbling on hay and lying around in the sunshine with their friends.  Here's Daisy fast asleep with her head on Aretha's back this afternoon:

However, it's a completely different story over the other side where we have Beamish and Fremlin housed at the moment.  A hotbed of sin and depravity.  Waggy tails and fluttering eyelashes.  And the noise!! 

Beamish and Fremlin are the best of friends but when there are women involved there are no holds barred.  Here's a very short video of the two of them growling at each other across the fence as Beamish tells Fremlin off for daring to look at his girls:

The boys are hard at work all day and so when we take the girls out for milking in the evening we leave the boys to get a good rest overnight, ready for the next day.  Once they have had their supper, the two of them lie down next to each other either side of the fence - friends again until tomorrow!

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