Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Margot learns a new trick

Generally speaking, white goats are pretty well behaved.  It is the brown ones which are naughty.  However, like anything else in life, there are exceptions to the rule.  Like Margot.

You may remember triplets Mora, Marlin and Margot from the last post.  Margot is the one to the right of the photo:

As you see from her rear view, she is dry at the moment - hence the red mark on her udder to show that she should not be milked.

But, sometimes she still likes to come through the parlour so that she gets a good helping of food.  Usually, dry goats are not given as much food as those who are still milking as they can tend to put on weight very easily and get fat.  But Margot is not a very large goat and a little extra weight would not hurt, so we allow her to come and eat whenever she likes.

Although white goats are not naughty, they can be extremely stubborn and determined.  Margot is a prime example of this.  Sometimes she ends up on the 'dry' side of the gate when we are dividing the goats up ready for milking and so cannot get up the ramp and into the parlour.  So, she has now figured out for herself that if she walks outside and down the side of the barn, she can arrive at the back gate to the milking area. 

Here the humans have a door that is open, but the gap is blocked by a metal hurdle.  No problem.  Simply put your head against it and push ...

And here she is in action:

Clever old Margot!

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