Thursday, 4 October 2012

Flora retires

Tonight we welcomed our dear Flora goat into the parlour for the very last time. 

Those of you who have been following our blog for some time may remember that Flora is one of our older and more 'generously proportioned' ladies who likes nothing better than to lie under a hay rack all day.  You may also recall that she has had difficulties in pregnancy in her last two kiddings, although she was absolutely wonderful as a foster mum this year.

As she has now dried off  and no longer needs milking, we have decided that we will not be putting her in kid again this year as she will almost certainly have problems and it is just not fair on her.  So, tonight was her final visit to the milking parlour and she is now officially retired.

Obviously, as the very first retirement of the Ellie's Dairy herd, we had to mark the occasion and, with no expense spared, Flora enjoyed her retirement banana with friend Marlin:

So what does retirement hold for Flora?  Well, about the same as before really .. lots of lying around under hay racks.  But absolutely no need to get up for milking twice a day.  Sounds like Flora's perfect life! 

We wish Flora a long and happy retirement!

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