Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Xmas comes early for Navajo!

After the scanning last week, we were left with 7 girls who were not showing as being pregnant.  A further problem was that none of them were coming into season either ... the hormones had all gone a bit wrong somewhere.  In this situation, the only way to get things back on track is a small hormone injection which kicks their systems into action. 

Many people ask if we use hormones or antibiotics - they are referring to the routine use of these, sometimes in feed, which can be commonplace in some cattle dairy herds.  Our answer is always a firm 'no' but with the caveat that although we don't use either routinely, there are certain specific situations when they are required and necessary.  This is one such situation.

We injected the girls yesterday morning and so, this morning, there were a number of semi-waggy tails and bleating goats.  To help nature take its course, we penned all the 7 girls into one large area and then set young Navajo to work.  An early unexpected Xmas present for him! He has great attention to detail and is very thorough in his work - he just loves being in with those ladies! 

This picture was taken earlier in the year when he was clean!  I will try and get a photo of him tomorrow with his harem.  I had forgotten how tall he is until I was walking him round to the girls this morning and realised that the top of his head was almost level with my shoulder (and I'm 5ft 10in).  And he's not fully grown yet either.

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