Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lazy goats

Last night David loaded another enormous bale of straw into the milkers pen just before bedtime so that they would be nice and snuggly for the night.  They also got a whole new enormous bale of hay.  After milking, they just didn't know what to eat first!  So, this morning when I switched the light on, there were a lot of very contented and very lazy goats lying around all over the place - not a single one was standing up!

I managed to snap a picture of Poppin as she woke up - note the front legs crossed and the yawn!

Needless to say, it wasn't long before everyone was up and about - some rather reluctantly - and the usual black goats were doing their 'Alpine' thing in the hay rack:

I sent one of the earlier photos of a black goat climbing in the hayrack off to the British Alpine Breed Society just out of interest.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the December Newsletter yesterday to find our picture on the front cover!

The diary is already filling up with events for next year.  I have been invited to speak at the Hadlow College Careers Fair in February when lots of students attend to hear speakers from various farming sectors and will be putting together an exhibition stand for this - I did something similar for the College earlier this year and it was a great success.  I also already have one booking for a W.I. talk and Jane (Cheesemakers of Canterbury) and I are both looking forward to the Weston A Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference on 17/18 March 2012.  This is always a fabulous event and next year will take place over 2 days in Epsom.  

And finally - what of Marmite Cat in this cold and windy December weather?  Yep.  No prizes for guessing:



  1. Congratulations on your continued successes .... front page eh!!!

    Have you considered twinning (just think local councils)!! Just stumbled across 'The Lazy Goat' in South Carolina and think that would make a great exchange programme ... David can hold the fort in Kent whilst you check out the food/ambience and the 'other' lazy goat :-)

    send us a postcard??!!

  2. Sounds like a grand idea to me - fancy coming?! Just checked out their website and I love their logo and the motto on their napkins 'Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy'. Excellent!