Saturday, 17 December 2011

Reindeer, donkeys and snow ...

Well, the Radio 4 weatherman was correct - we did have snow yesterday morning.  When I got up it was actually relatively mild and a bit drizzly.  A good way into milking, the temperature suddenly dropped and it started to snow.  We had a pretty good covering that lasted most of the day up here on the Downs - enough to be annoying but not enough to build a snowman.  As I went out delivering, it looked like places lower down hadn't really had anything at all.

And today - glorious sunshine but freezing cold.  Good for the cheese, but not so good to be standing at markets!  It's silly hat season (and many layers) as demonstrated by me and her (Jane of Cheesemakers of Canterbury) at Wye Market this morning.  Note festive holly decoration ...

The market was buzzing today and we were pretty busy for the whole morning.  I am back there next Saturday on Xmas Eve and I think I will be very busy sorting out last minute cheese for everyone.

Today we had a visit from Paddy the Donkey.  He comes to Wye every Xmas market and sells mistletoe for charity.  Last year the weather was so bad that his owner could not get out of her property and so he missed the market.  Today however, he was in fine form.  He is such a gentle creature - he just stands and lets everyone stroke him and children sit on him.

Faversham Mission Brass Band did a sterling job of keeping everyone entertained with their brilliant festive tunes and I have to say that they did sport an excellent selection of silly hats.  Obviously, not as silly as my own, but there was some stiff competition there.

And what of the reindeer?  Well, that was provided by the Wife of Bath.  Not in person, you understand .. the luscious restaurant in Wye.  They have a stall on the 3rd Saturday of each month when they sell the most wonderful quiches and cakes and yummy bits and pieces.  Today, Robert the chef had obviously been in the festive mood when he was making little chocolate cakes ..

Tomorrow - no markets for me but Jane will be very busy (hopefully) at Whitstable whilst other members of the Cheesemakers of Canterbury team will be at Cliftonville market.  Another mad week ahead in the run up to Xmas and then it will all be over for another year!

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  1. No snow in Whitstable ... but we've been back towards 'the smoke' all day visiting family and Roxy in Bexley/Dartford - it was bl**dy cold and drizzly/sleety in patches but definitely NO snow.

    We may pop up to the Farmers Market in Whitstable tomorrow and say hellow to Jane ...

    I love Paddy ... sooo cute :-)