Friday, 30 August 2013

Checking for trolls

Remember the story about the Three Billy Goats Gruff?  A story told to all little goatie kids by their mums.  And all goaties remember this story and are very wary of trolls.

Trolls are invisible to those silly humans who just don't appreciate how they can lurk around corners just waiting for some poor unsuspecting goatie to walk past.

Take a field, for example.  To a human, it looks like a lovely open green field full of lush grass.  After morning milking, the gate is wide open - just tempting those goatie girls to trot out into the pasture.

But you can't be too careful ... who knows what dangers are hidden around the corner?

So, everyone has to stand at the entrance to the field and stare ... and point their goatie ears ... and check that everything is safe to go out again.  After all, who knows what may have happened out there during the night when the goaties were all safe and snug in their barn ...

Eventually, someone is brave enough to venture out and then everyone else knows that it is safe to follow:

And who is this brave little goatie leading all the others out to graze?  None other than our little Husky ..

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