Saturday, 24 August 2013

Carnival in the rain

Bank Holiday Saturday.  Torrential downpours.  Carnival weekend.  A heady mix for my first Notting Hill market today.  But, I managed to find my way there without any problem and was delighted to see a couple of familiar faces behind stalls.  And I was absolutely thrilled to have 3 of my regular customers from other markets also come to visit.  They are such a loyal bunch .. I love them all!!

Hopefully it should be a great market for Ellie's Dairy and, considering everything that was against us today, we did pretty well.

I must admit to being a bit of a tourist on the way home though ... Many years ago, when I had a 'proper job', I used to work in a rather posh office in St James's Square (just behind Piccadilly Circus)

and, as my route took me back through Kensington and down Piccadilly, I took the opportunity to pay a short visit to my old stamping ground.  Despite the crowds in Piccadilly, St James's Square was empty (as I had hoped) and I found a parking space with no problem at all. 

I did have a chuckle though as I parked my overloaded and slightly grubby little white van between a rather smart Bentley and a very shiny new Range Rover.  Chuckle chuckle ...

And off to Fortnum and Mason I went!  In search of a little something for David who is rather partial to a nice bit of cheesecake.  And, I was not disappointed ... the F&M patisserie is a joy to behold and I trotted back to the Square clutching my fancy little cake box.  Went down a treat at milking time!

As it has been a rather damp day, the goats were bored and so milking time was the usual round of naughtiness and mischief.  Polly, Bunty and Blossom jumped down as soon as they had been milked and headed straight for the feed barrow:

Whilst Florence took advantage of the empty stalls next to her and decided to check if there was any food left next door:

Having had a little sit on David's knee (I told you that she was getting too big for this!):
Husky had her usual drink of water straight out of the tap:
And now they are all curled up in their nice warm barn munching on lovely fresh hay whilst listening to the rain pour down outside in the darkness.  Not a bad life is it?!

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