Monday, 19 August 2013

GeeGee Parrot goes to market

So there I was, minding my own business at Parson's Green market yesterday when my lovely Sal turned up.  As I was in the middle of serving a customer, I smiled sweetly at her and completely failed to notice the rather large blue bag that she had placed next to my stall.

Once the customer had left and we had exchanged our customary hug, she grinned and looked down at the blue bag.  As I followed her eyes, I was amazed to see a rather lovely beady eye staring up at me.  GeeGee Parrot had come to visit!!

She had hopped into her travelling cage, got on the bus and come to Parson's Green just to meet me.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to finally meet the little feathered person.  She is just SO handsome ..

She was exceedingly well behaved and proved to be a great hit with the customers who seemed to take it all in their stride that the goat's cheese stall had a small grey parrot sitting behind it ...

It's been an odd couple of days for strange wildlife .. As I was tiddling around in the kitchen this morning, something caught my eye in the corner.  On closer inspection, it turned out to be a rather unusual present from one of the cats:

Froggie was quickly relocated back into his home near my neighbour's pond.  Poor little chap!

My little stud males are getting ready to go off to their new homes in the West Country sometime later this week.  Ice Man, Maverick, Lincoln, Merlin, Jasper and Isa are all packing their bags in preparation .... when they're not staring at the lovely little female kids in the next pen of course!

It will be sad to see them go but I am certain that they will all have a great time in their new jobs!

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  1. Dear Ellie.. It was SO much fun to come and see YOU at Parsons Green .. now.. if YOU had a Goaty person at one FM.. then I would learn how to say BLEAT.. SHE says it but how do I know SHE is saying it correctly!
    WE have had delicious omelettes FULL of YOUR Award Winning Goaty Curd.. how WE LURVE that cheese.. yumyum.. for it is very eddibubble and most scrummydumptious.. yes, indeedy it is.. in fact WE say "Eat Curd and be happy".
    WE hope YOU enjoy YOUR outing to Nottinghill FM on Carnival weekend?
    Pip pip.. GeeGee Parrot.