Tuesday, 6 August 2013

That was the week that was ...

Whizz bang!  Another week gone!!

The usual array of milk, cheese, deliveries and markets .. but this week I had one of my new markets at Blackheath.  Glorious sunny day and a short hop up the A2 to Blackheath .. it was such a luxury not to have to drive into London!

It was great to see some of the stallholders I already knew.  Made me feel right at home! 

I was positioned between Gary's Fish and Mud Pies (also a Blackheath 'virgin'!).  I know the fish man from West Hampstead where my stall is opposite to his.  I always spend an inordinate amount of time suspiciously eyeing up his live lobsters whilst fighting the urge to go and buy them all and set them free!!

So, it was great to be next to him and be able to chat.  Have to admit that it's not my usual chat-up line .. 'do you mind if I stroke your lobster?'.  And I did learn quite a lot about lobsters on Sunday.  They are absolutely fascinating.  Almost prehistoric or alien to look at.  And did you know that they never die of old age?  They just keep on growing and getting older until they are caught and eaten or  get sick and die. 

Despite the August holidays, the market was nice and busy and I had a lot of interest in our delicious milk and cheese.  And I was thrilled to find raw cow's cream on the Redlays Farm stall.  Wonderful and so thick that you can turn the pot upside down! 

Back in the land of goats, the little boys are getting on well with the big boys and have no problem pushing in at feeding time.  I am always on hand to referee, just in case any of them get out of hand (usually Daramac throwing his considerable weight around!) but they are all pretty well behaved.  Here's young Isa pushing his way in between Beamish and Daramac - you can just about see the little brown bottom sticking up right in the middle of the photo between those two huge beasties!

And yesterday saw the last of the 2012 meat kids go off to the butcher.  Poor little men ...  This was Fissi's brother looking out of the back of the trailer as I prepared to drive off.  

Wilma is doing pretty well on her fruit and banana diet.  She is also starting to eat a little hard feed now and is nibbling away at hay.  Fingers crossed that she will make a good recovery and will be with us for a few more years yet!

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