Saturday, 10 August 2013

Eating cherries in the Naughty Corner

You may remember that David instituted a 'Sin Bin' for those goats who are particularly naughty at milking time.  This pen is also known as the 'Naughty Corner' and now seems to be permanently inhabited by youngsters Lara and Bassey.

They come in for milking with the first or second load of goats, go out down the ramp and then lurk about waiting for the door to open again.  Then they dash back in, open the second door by themselves (chin over the gap in the top and pull!), run back down the ramp in the parlour and dash over to the feed barrow.  David then walks them to the Naughty Corner where they have a drink of water and lie down to watch the rest of the goats come through for milking.

It's all part of the routine now and they both seem perfectly happy in their little corner.  Especially when they get treats at the end of milking!

Tonight we had some cherries for them.  Round things are always a bit tricky to eat but you get the hang of it eventually.  But what to do with that stone in the middle?  Bassey quickly developed the technique of spitting it out, whilst Lara had a go at crunching at it before spitting it out in disgust as well.  Here they are ...

Meanwhile, Mitzy and Marmite cats are in full hunting mode at the moment.  Harvest always brings  all the little creatures out of the fields and they are both taking full advantage of this.  Every day I return home to find at least one small deceased creature somewhere in the house.  Today was no exception as I came back to find not one but two live pygmy shrews tiddling about on my kitchen floor! 

I managed to relocate them back outdoors without M and M seeing me ...


  1. OMG that life would suit David perfectly .... being handfed Kentish Cherries all day - I assume they are Kentish???

    So pleased you managed to return the shrews to the wild. We have a family of woodmice living under the shed on our patio - we originally thought it was just the one, named 'Woody' but I photographed Woody one evening when he came out to steal the hedgehog food and the photo revealed several more little faces peeking out from under the shed.

    Such cuties!

  2. Kentish of course!! The finest cherries from our friends at Syndale Farm (near Ospringe). The juiciest, sweetest cherries you ever did see ..