Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Life in the slow lane

It must be the season for our old goats to start showing their age ...  Betty goat (sister of our dear Wilma goat) had a bit of a funny turn yesterday evening.  Her face was swollen and she was having problems with her breathing .. looked almost like some kind of allergic reaction as she did start to settle down after a while. 

Our lovely vet Peter came over this morning to check her out and agreed that it could have been a wasp sting - apparently, he has seen the same problem recently in a couple of sheep.  However, having given Betty a thorough examination (much to her displeasure), he was more concerned that she may be anaemic.  He took a quick blood sample and took it back to the surgery to check it out.

A couple of hours later, he called to say that she was indeed seriously anaemic.  There is a supplement that we can try but it is important that she is kept as calm as possible and doesn't get stressed by anything.  He was chuckling as he advised that Betty now needs to 'live life in the slow lane'.  No more excitement for old Betty goat!

Needless to say, this advice was completely lost on Betty who appeared at the gate trying to balance a bit of hay on her nose!
So it looks like our very first two goats are now retired.  No more babies.  No more milking.  Just trundling about and enjoying extra titbits of food .... Life in the slow lane for Betty and Wilma!

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