Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hugo's fan club

So after yesterday's miserable jottings, let us have a little more fun with our blog!

Several days this week have started as those wonderful early autumnal misty mornings:

David took the goatlings out for a trot into the mist and I was entertained to see them all slowly reappearing as they all ran back in for their breakfast.

Hugo is having a wonderful time with them all and he seems to be a bit of a hit with the older girls as well.  He has a constant queue of ladies admiring him over the fence:

But he is taking it all in his stride and has settled in really well.  He is a lot calmer than when he arrived and is getting used to just enjoying life with his new girlfriends.

Many of our goaties have odd little habits and Cilla goat is no exception.  Outside the milking parlour are two large blue troughs which we fill with water for the girls to have a nice drink as they come out from milking.  For some reason best known to herself, Cilla cannot drink unless she stands up on a concrete block.  It means that it makes it more awkward and she has to bend down further to reach the water but that seems to be the way that she likes to do it.  Strange little goat!

Valerie and her little chap were snapped fast asleep the other day:

Meanwhile, at the babies' house, there is one particular little man who will not stay in the barn.  He is the last kid born this year (along with his sister) and he just climbs in and out through the metal barriers as the fancy takes him.  When he sees us turn up, he knows that it is breakfast time and he is quick to climb into the back of my van or, as here, into the back of the truck in search of buckets of food.

Such bad behaviour!

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