Friday, 4 October 2013

Shameless Husky

Once upon a time there was a naughty little goat called Husky:

Husky was able to wriggle through or jump over any obstacle that the silly human people put in her way.  She didn't want to be held in behind gates - she wanted to be free!!  So, she and her Auntie Ginger goat used to live as they wanted in the goatie barn, free to wander around just as they wished.

And then one day, little Husky started to wag her little goatie tail at those big smelly boys:

And, while those humans had their backs turned, one thing led to another, .  And when Goatie Mum Debbie came back into the barn a short while later, she found little Husky goat having a bit of a party with all the boys.  Shameful behaviour from one so young!

And so, little Husky goat had to be given the goatie-morning-after-pill, just in case .... as she was still only a baby herself and far too young to have kids of her own.  The gates on the boys' house were made stronger and higher so that troublesome little grey goaties would not be able to jump over them.

That was 3 weeks ago.  And this morning, young Husky started to wag her little tail at the boys once again.  Confident that the barriers were high enough, the humans smugly watched as young Husky strutted her stuff in front of the admiring chaps.  And then, quick as a flash, she scaled the gates and was in with the boys again!  Not to be outdone, Goatie Grandad Bob (80 years of age and still nimble) shinned over the gate and grabbed young Husky before any of the chaps had time to realise what was going on.

It was clear that no barrier was going to be high enough to keep a stroppy, hormonal and very agile young goatie out of trouble.  But what to do with her?  The only solution ...  The goat trailer was wheeled into the barn and Husky loaded into it for the day.  She had the company of all the other goats around but was not able to get out and into mischief.

I'm just about to go back up there to check that she is OK and possibly spend the night with her in the trailer to keep her company.  I know .. barking mad!  But, despite her size, she is still only a kid and I think she may be a little nervous having to spend the night shut in a trailer ...

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