Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What to do on your birthday ...

Happy Birthday David!  21 again ...  and again ...

So, what to do on a birthday?  Well .... Watch the most fantastic sunrise from the milking parlour:

 then sort out all those goaties with waggy tails

Some were sent in to see young Hugo for the day:

Whilst others went off to visit Daramac.

Meanwhile, young Humphrey (Valerie's little white man) seems to have found himself gainful employment.  Although the little chap has been castrated and so doesn't have any of the usual 'assets', he still has some of the right hormones and so is excellent at pointing out girls when they are just about to come into season. 

Most of the girls are quite obvious and vocal at this time of year but you do get the few quiet ones and it is these whom Humphrey is keen to point out.  What a good chap he is!

Then it was time to do a little cattle rustling ... With winter approaching, David wanted to move the cows close to the farm so that we can keep an eye on them at calving time (just over a month away now) whilst last year's calves were to be put into a separate field of their own.

Although the Gracie Moos are generally very placid and cooperative, today they decided that we all needed a little extra exercise and so there was quite some running about to be done before they decided that they would go into the trailer after all!

First of all we moved the cows ... and here they are arriving in their new field:

Then we moved the calves.  You can just about see them in their new field!

It was cold and very very wet.  But after a while, you become oblivious to the rain lashing your face .. it's only when you get back in the car and look in the mirror that realistion dawns ...

Looking gorgeous as ever!!!

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