Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Jekyll & Hyde

It never ceases to amaze me what a difference a few hormones can make!  That stroppy, noisy, pushy, hormonal goatie that was leaping over the highest fences has now changed back into our (relatively) quiet and (sometimes) well-behaved little Husky goat.

Earlier today she could be found lazing around in the barn:

And tonight, she decided that the most comfy spot was in the feed wheelbarrow:

Many of the goaties spent some time ambling around their field in the sunshine but some decided that the new straw looked very tempting and so decided to stay indoors to try it out.  It seemed that it was far more comfy on one side of the barn than the other and so it was a bit crowded over there!

Although Husky has calmed down, there were plenty more hormones in action today and so it was Daramac's turn to entertain some of the ladies.  We set him up in his own house and then let him loose with Mora, Heidi and Meryl.   
Meanwhile, the goatlings were soaking up the autumn sunshine:
And Persi decided that she wanted to be on her own and settled down in a quiet spot outside:

I think we have a couple more days of nice weather forecast so hopefully the girls will be able to enjoy a bit more sunshine before we start with all that horrid wet weather that usually comes before the winter.

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