Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bad habits and lazy goats

Remember our little escaping male kid?

Seems that he has been teaching a couple of the other little goaties how to do the same tricks ...

I blame the parents ..
Meanwhile, David has spent a happy couple of days driving this around the field behind my house, spreading vast amounts of goatie muck around to fertilise the soil ready for ploughing it all in.

It's very difficult to get the goaties out of bed and ready for milking on these dark mornings.  They prefer to have a lie in until it gets light!  When we switch the barn lights on it always makes me smile to see all those lovely comfy goaties all snuggled up next to their sisters or special friends.  But sometimes they are just resting on whoever happened to lie down next to them ... 

Here's Siouxsie absolutely fast asleep, stretched out on one of the much younger goaties early this morning:

Turn your sound up and listen for that little goatie snore!

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