Saturday, 5 October 2013

A night with Husky

So, yes, I did sleep in the trailer with young Husky goat for most of last night.  I bedded down on the straw and managed to get a few hours nap despite young Madam calling out to the boys and tramping up and down on me for most of the night.  I must admit that my poor old bones did start to get a bit stiff in the early hours and so I retired to the relative comfort of my little caravan outside the barn, leaving Husky and her hormones safely in the trailer.

Today was wonderful West Hampstead market and Ellie's Dairy did a storming trade in all things delicious and goatie.  I just love this time of year with so much wonderful seasonal fruit and veg around the market.  New season apples are just in and they are simply divine - crispy and mouth-wateringly gorgeous!

Talking of colourful and seasonal ... Franklins Farm Shop in East Dulwich had a wonderful display of English tomatoes and peppers outside the other day .. a splash of colour in the midst of the city:

On Wednesday we were excited to have another visit from the lovely Sharon at the new Margate Smokehouse.  Sharon and her husband are busy trying out their new smokehouse on lots of local produce such as cheese, pork, chillis and fish.  A couple of weeks ago, we gave Sharon some samples of all our cheeses for them to try out and this week she returned with the best two for us to taste.

However, as they had only just been smoked and were still quite strong, Sharon recommended that we leave them for a couple of weeks before we taste them.  They smell scrummy!  So, we have a lovely fresh Ellie's Original and a young Shaggy's Beard camembert sitting in our fridge ...

Sharon loves the goaties and arrived with a bag full of bananas.  As you can see, she was hugely popular!

After all, who can resist such a lovely smiley face?

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  1. Words fail US.. and as YOU know US.. well, YOU can imagine how much laughter was laughed after WE read these two posts..