Thursday, 14 February 2013

The paddy fields of North Kent

We're thinking of going into rice ..  What do you reckon?

Remember that lovely field that was resown with new grass seed for the goaties?  Mmm ... see picture above.  Looks like a serious case of grass failure to me.  So wet that the seed didn't germinate.  What little did germinate was eaten by slugs (again - because of the weather) and what escaped the slugs is now under water.  I will be very surprised if it comes through now.  But you never know - keep those fingers crossed for a good spring to get it all going otherwise it is several hundred pounds and a lot of work down the drain.  But that's farming!

As I went out on my early morning deliveries this morning the fog was so thick I couldn't see the side of the road.  Then the rain came down in torrents.  Only those silly humans that have to go out in it though .. all the goaties stayed firmly indoors and there was a lot of lying around going on this morning again.  Big fat girlies everywhere ..

And others were just fast asleep ...

Celia with her big sister Roz


Grace and Blossom
And I have just noticed that our little blog has just reached 37,000 page views since we started!  Amazing!!!  Thank you all, dear readers!

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