Monday, 25 February 2013

Mitzy on trial

So who is Mitzy?  A goat?  No.  A cow?  No.  A cat?  Yes!

Isn't she gorgeous?  So, the story of Mitzy goes something like this ..

One of my customers found Mitzy and her litter of newborn kittens in a box dumped in the road outside their house some weeks ago.  They took them all in and looked after them and have managed to rehome all the kittens.  However, they already have a selection of animals including 2 dogs and also try to encourage a lot of wild birds into their garden - so not the ideal place for a cat.

I had met the very friendly Mitzy on my deliveries and it had been suggested that I might like to take her.  Of course I would .. but I was concerned that Marmite might object.

Only one way to find out ... so on Saturday morning I brought Mitzy home to meet Marmite.  There was the initial spitting and howling but, having made her point, Marmite wandered off upstairs and Mitzy made herself quite at home on the rug in front of the roaring coal fire.

The past two days have not gone too badly and I think Mitzy may be here to stay after all.  There is still the odd spitting competition, which is only to be expected, but Marmite has been really very generous about letting Mitzy into 'her' home and I think they will get one fine together.

Here is the pair of them this afternoon - Mitzy stretched out on the rug in front of the fire and Marmite snuggled up on the sofa.

Obviously we don't know her real name but my customers had just been calling her 'Mrs Cat'.  One of the main characters in a book that I am reading at the moment is called Mitzy and I thought it suited her (and also sounded sufficiently like 'Mrs Cat' that she might respond to it).  So, Mitzy it is ..

Meanwhile, Polly and her little people are doing very well ..  Mum was busy eating hay (still with her snuggly fleece jacket on):

Whilst those little girlies were fast asleep with full tums:

And Valerie seems to be enjoying her new accomodation out in the hay barn:

David managed to get a pic of me and my lovely boy Daramac this evening - just thought you might like to see just how tall he is now!  I am 5ft 10in ... and he's not even at full stretch!!  Big lad ..


  1. Mitzy looks looks like a big girl, or is that just the photo angle? She's very pretty (but not as pretty as Marmite of course). How could somebody just dump a Mum and kittens like that ...

    Hmmm .... are they sniffing that smelly beard LOL

  2. Hi Sue

    Mitzy is a fair size but yes, the camera angle does make her look a bit larger than life! It makes me so angry how people can do things like that - at least take them to a shelter or a vet, not just dump them in a box on the road.