Sunday, 10 February 2013

All back to normal

So the students have gone and all is quiet again in the goat shed.  Not that they were noisy, you understand.  But the goatie girls were very wary last week of humans being around all day and 'doing things' to them.  Over the weekend they have settled down again and reverted to their usual lazy routine of eating and sleeping.

The Gracie Moos had a treat last week as a new boy arrived to keep them company for a while.  A posh old boy, known affectionately as Frederick, is spending a few months with us to bring a bit of romance into the cattle yard.  He is a very quiet and gentle fellow who seems very happy to be with us.  Hayley managed to snap a great picture of him last week - it's not only the male goats who turn up their top lips at the girls!

Whilst the students were here, we also did a bit of 'routine maintenance' on the Gracie Moos - here's one of them in the crush waiting for her turn:

Unfortunately for the two little male calves, this week also saw a visit from our vet Peter who came to castrate them.  Both the students were really interested to watch the procedure and Peter, as always, was brilliant at explaining what he was doing.  However, he also tested their knowledge and they both felt like they were having an exam as he asked them lots of questions!

Those little female kids are all growing up quickly now - another couple of weeks and we won't be able to call them 'the babies' any more as there will be even more tiny people around.  I am still trying to learn all their names!  Those who have distinguishing features are always the easiest to learn as you can spot them quickly.  Take little Dionne for example ..  As well as being quite small, with a freckled face, she is also easy to spot from behind as she seems to have developed a little 'skirt' which sticks out either side.  Fantastic!

Of course, there is one goat that everybody knows.  Footsie.  Always up on the gate, posing for photos.  A great favourite with every visitor to the goat shed!

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