Thursday, 7 February 2013

The first students of the year

The first two students of the year arrived on Monday and we have been busy doing goatie things all week - hence, no time for blogging!

Zoe worked with us a couple of years ago and was pleased to meet some of her old friends again this week.  She has lovely hair which proved to be very popular with the babies..

I think she may have a few bald patches by the time she goes home tomorrow!

She is joined this week by Hayley who is a vet student from the University of Gent in Belgium.  She seems very taken with all the goats and is enjoying her week with us (I think!).

We spent some time yesterday foot-trimming and one of the little boys decided that he would have his pedicure lying down:

In fact he was so relaxed, he fell asleep on Zoe's lap!

We mark all those who have been done with a red spray marker.  This little chap was such a good boy that the students decided he should have a smiley face rather than the usual red dot..

I am also pleased to report that the girls obeyed the rule about bringing cake with them.  Hayley brought us some delicious Belgian biscuits but David was particularly thrilled with the Dutch ones.  I have to say that I have never seen such enormous biscuits!  We didn't need to eat for the rest of the day.

And finally - we managed to get a quick video of the showjumping Shares letting herself into the queue for the milking parlour.  Here she comes!


  1. We're back and catching up on Blogposts etc. Love the picture of showjumping Shares!

    and that biscuit .... yummy!!

  2. Oh.. I know I am norty but Goaty Folk are too..