Sunday, 4 November 2012

Webbed feet.  That's what we need.  And I heard that it snowed briefly in Devon today!!  Hideous driving conditions on the motorway but I made it safely to Parson's Green this morning in torrential rain.  Got absolutely soaked putting up the awning and setting up the stall but I was truly humbled when my first customer appeared shivering with cold, soaked to the skin and pushing his bicycle with hands so frozen he could hardly grip the handlebars. 

He had ridden all the way across London just to come and buy milk from me.  Thinking that the market opened at 9am, he had arrived nice and early at 8.30am.  And then had to wait in the pouring rain until the market actually opened at 10am.  I did offer him my thermal gloves for the ride home but he declined, saying that he would get warm again once he started cycling back.  I hope he made it safely back to a nice warm and dry house! 

It never ceases to amaze me what lengths some of my customers will go to.  I only do a few markets in London and yet there are many customers who travel miles out of their way to get to each one just to buy our raw milk.  Truly humbling, that's all I can say.  I take my hat off to them for their dedication.

In the midst of all the darkness and rain, the Chegworth Valley stall was a blaze of colour with all their delicious fruit juices out on display:

I have to say that I am rather partial to their Apple & Elderflower but was tempted today by the new Apple & Cranberry and the 'Winter Warmer' Spiced Apple - delicious warmed up!

Wye Market yesterday also started off rather damp but was brightened up by the arrival of my friend with her two dogs Maud and Eddie (who adores cheese):

By the time I got back home in the early afternoon, it was still freezing cold but the sun was shining and the Gracie Moos were munching away on a very nice bale of silage that David had kindly taken down to them in the morning.

And Marmite was back up in her usual resting place in the greenhouse:

DumDum was fast asleep cosily sandwiched between her friends Lara and Blossom:
New girls Shares and daughter Silver were resting together like a pair of bookends:

And sisters Twiggy and Twinkle were also snuggled up next to each other:

It's nice being a goat at Ellie's Dairy!

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