Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy Halloween!

Bit windy for broomsticks but I will try and get up there later!

Meanwhile, I managed to get a whole load of lovely local Bramleys and pears all peeled and chopped and into my slow cookers today with a little sugar and some cinnamon sticks.  Tomorrow I will separate it all into containers for freezing so that I have lots of lovely fresh stewed fruit for the winter.  Yum!  Might well use some for apple crumble for lunch with Julie tomorrow just to get the ball rolling!

Here at Ellie's Dairy we will be hearing the patter of tiny feet again soon.  Not the goats just yet, but the Gracie Moos.  David had told me that he was expecting calves sometime in December.  But, I got to thinking about it all yesterday and checked the dates that Benji the Bull had gone in with the ladies and .... it was 9 months ago today!  So, they could be due any time.  It has to be said that they are rather large at the moment.

And another of our special little men went off to a new home yesterday afternoon.  Pauline, our Wye Market Manager, had sadly lost one of her two goats over the weekend and wanted to get another goat to keep the remaining one company.  So she came long to visit yesterday afternoon with husband John and twin daughters Jessie and Catherine.  I had a certain little chap in mind for them:
And indeed, they were quite smitten with him.  He is such a sweet little man.  Very good-natured and, as you see, enjoys a good cuddle.  And so off he went to his new home!  What a lucky boy he is.  I will find out at the weekend how he is getting along when I see Pauline at Wye on Saturday.  The girls are under instruction to come up with a name for him before I see them!

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