Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday night is quiz night ...

Ok.. so here we go.  Starter for 10 ....

Can you spot the odd one out in the following photograph taken in the parlour tonight?

No? ...  Need another clue?

Strange shaped udder??
Mmm ...  yes indeed.  Our lovely Welsh boy Macsen ...
As you may remember, Max now has free run of all the milkers.  His current girlfriend (for today) is the lovely Pebbles.  So, wherever Pebbles goes, Max follows. 
And here is Pebbles smiling for the camera whilst Max tucks into his dinner (typical bloke ..)

I must admit that it was quite amusing to see one of the big boys coming into the parlour.  Not that we had a lot of choice.  In came Pebbles, closely pursued by over 100kg of testosterone-fuelled male goat.  There's no stopping that in a hurry.

But he behaved rather well and I expect that we will see him again tomorrow now that he has figured out the system!

But it did raise a smile on a day that had not started very well at all.  I arrived very early in the barn this morning to find that we had lost our dear Lucy goat during the night.  Here she is lying behind her sister Marcie a few months ago:

She had been desperately poorly for a couple of weeks with the same illness that affected her sister Marcie about 18 months ago. We were treating her with whatever we could and she had been doing very well but on Thursday I felt that she was starting to lose heart and was not fighting any more. I did consider getting the vet in on Friday morning to send her to the big goat shed in the sky but she rallied on Thursday night and seemed to have got some of her fighting spirit back again. Even last night she still seemed to be trying. But sadly it was not to be and she left us sometime very early this morning.   RIP my lovely goatie girl.

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