Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sunshine at last!

The goaties finally considered that it was dry enough to venture outside for a while today.  Not everyone was brave enough to cross the yard to the field but most of the girlies went out for a nibble in the sunshine.  It was lovely to see them all out again after the atrocious weather of last week.

Ginger is still up to her old tricks and I regularly open the barn in the morning to find her wandering about.  Or sometimes she is just snuggled up in a comfy place and can't be bothered to move. 

There are much warmer and more comfy places to lie in the barn but she seems to like lying around near the hay bales.  Obviously she must be warm enough otherwise she would move!

And the little black man is letting himself out for a wander as well.  He only tends to come out when we are around - just jumps over the hurdles.  Then, when he is bored, he just jumps back in again!

Life is full of naughty goats!

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